Dozy Dave now offers his Socially Distanced show. 1Hr of Magic, Music & Games all performed at a magically safe distance. 

Social Distanced Party

As the summer months are coming to an end and children are returning to school, the restrictions have changed again to a maximum of 6 people (Excluding myself, as I am working) I will still be following Government guidelines to provide my Social Distanced Children's Magic show at your child's party.

Let me explain a little of what a Social Distanced Party means. Say it’s your child’s birthday, or you want to invite friends round, you still can’t have a traditional hall party and invite a load of people over, but you can enjoy a Social Distancing Party together in the style of one our Social Distanced Birthday Party! I have adapted my show which INCLUDES social distancing. I have a battery-powered speaker system, so no power point is required.

The Social Distanced Children's Party is approximately 1hr long and is suitable for small numbers of children, it includes a magic show, action songs (children dance on the spot) and games. The show is filled with lots and lots of fun. Even though I can’t get children up to be my helpers at the moment, there is still an interactive element to the show, and you’ll absolutely love it.

It’s important for parents or guardians to sit with smaller children whilst the show is on, so as to make sure that social distancing is adhered to.

It’s the perfect way to celebrate your child’s birthday, and enjoy it together as a family in a fun, yet safe manner. Because lockdown shouldn’t mean that your child misses out on their special party.


Just click HERE and select the Social Distanced Party option in the Type Of Party section when making your booking