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Dozy Dave Additional Needs Shows

Dozy Dave Entertainment for People with additional needs
Dozy Dave Entertainment for People with additional needs

Children’s Party Entertainer

Dozy Dave is able to cast a spell of laughter and wonder on the little ones. He will take your children into a world brimming with enchantment.

With an exciting and modern children’s magic show, including a mixture of Comedy Magic tricks, Music, Games and Balloons. Dozy Dave children’s party entertainer guarantees a thrilling and fast-paced magical experience suitable for children aged 4 – 8 years old.

Children will also have a chance to become a part of the magic. Many tricks performed by Dave involve audience participation, making the children feel special and engaged in the experience.

“The ability to laugh opens up the mind to take in knowledge – it’s not just magic; it’s learning through fun.” – Dozy Dave

Additional Needs Magic Shows

When it comes to entertainment, children of all abilities should be able to experience the thrill and joy that a magic show can bring. That is precisely why we offer special ‘Additional Needs Magic Shows’ for our wonderful friends with distinct requirements. Let’s see how these shows are designed to captivate and engage everyone involved.

Inclusive and Accessible

Our ‘Additional Needs Magic Shows’ are highly inclusive and designed with accessibility at the forefront. We ensure that every aspect of the show, from the location to the performance itself, caters to all children irrespective of their abilities or special needs, so they never feel left out or overstimulated.

Stress-free Environment

Understanding the varying sensitivities that come with children with additional needs, these shows are conducted in a calm and controlled environment. The performers are adept at handling different situations and often adapt their approach according to the audience’s comfort level. This creates a stress-free environment where everyone can feel relaxed and enjoy the spectacle.

Interactive Performances

Our ‘Additional Needs Magic Shows’ are not just about passive watching, but about active participation too. We incorporate tailored interactive elements into the show, fostering a direct engagement that respects the specific needs of every child. It might be a magic trick that they can join in or a simple prop they can handle, creating personal magical moments for them.

A Unique Twist to Tricks

Just because a child might have additional needs, does not mean they should miss out on any of the magic. The tricks performed during these shows are thoughtfully modified to ensure every child can appreciate and follow along. This might mean slower pacing, simplified magic tricks or even silent performances accompanied by visual cues. Whatever it takes, the magic will always shine through for everyone.