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Dozy Dave Birthday Packages
Dozy Dave Birthday Packages

Corporate Children's Party Packages

Thank you for considering us for your upcoming event. We take pride in offering three distinct packages to cater to your needs – The Silver Show (1hr), the Golden Delight (1.5hrs), and the Platinum Extravaganza (2hrs). For those seeking something a bit more tailored, we’re also more than comfortable crafting customised packages to suit your specific requirements!

Adapting our packages to accommodate any event, whether indoor or outdoor, is our speciality.

The lively Dozy Dave, along with his enchanting team, is among the most sought-after entertainers nationwide. In search of top-notch amusement? Then you have certainly landed in the right spot.

Family Fun Days


The best Birthday Party option for children aged 5 – 6

Dozy Dave Silver birthday party package

Silver 1 Hr Party Package

Indulge in the Premium Party Experience: A Riot of Fun for Little Ones 

Presenting a sensational 1-hour spectacle that neatly weaves together magic, engaging games, an interactive Disco, and delightful balloon activities. Our show does far more than simply playing musical tunes; we engage children in lively dances and teach them the fun steps to each song. This entertainment package is perfectly suited for children of 4 years and older, offering exclusive adaptability to cater to varying party sizes. With the unique structure of our shows geared towards audience participation, every child gets a chance to play an active role. As many parents and caregivers will testify, active involvement is crucial because children thrive most when they go beyond just watching – they love to be part of the action! More packages below.

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Children’s Entertainer Showreel:

Introducing Dozy Dave, the ultimate Children’s Party Entertainer

Immerse yourself in a world of child-friendly magic! Our expert magicians, with over twenty years of experience, are famous for their gripping magic shows that keep the kids utterly amazed. Our magic shows are carefully designed with exciting magic tricks, spirited party games, and lively dances to guarantee constant laughter and astonishment. Experience Dozy Dave’s first-rate magic spectacle, filled with numerous delights. Act fast, book your slot today, and get ready for an unforgettable magic ride!


Suitable if you have 15 or more children

Dozy Dave Silver birthday party package

Gold 1.5 Hr Party Package

A Spectacular 1.5hr Show: More Fun, More Laughter!

Just like the Silver showcase, our 1.5-hour performance offers additional time for enhanced entertainment, making it the preferred choice if you’re hosting a larger gathering of youngsters. More packages below

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Reviews for Children's Entertainer


Suitablefor larger groups of children

Dozy Dave Silver birthday party package

Platinum 2Hr Party Package

The Ultimate 2hr Show: Full of Excitement and Laughter!

Discover our top-tier 2hr entertainment package, the perfect solution for any event. Our professional children’s entertainer will captivate the young audience, inducing fits of laughter throughout. This enables you to enjoy your event. Take the time to revel in the party, whilst we ensure an unforgettable experience for the children attending! 

This luxurious package is designed with a vivacious crowd in mind – it’s ideal for parties with a minimum of 18 energetic young attendees aged 5 and above. Don’t hesitate! Let’s add a touch of magic to your event, transforming it into a memorable occasion for the children aswell!


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Children's Party Planning

Looking to plan a stress-free and unforgettable children’s party? Look no further! As experienced Children’s Party Entertainers, we understand the ins and outs of organizing successful events. With years of experience and valuable insights, we take pride in creating a memorable experience for children.

From choosing the right activities and games to providing top-quality entertainment options, we have you covered. Allow us to bring our expertise and passion to your children’s party, ensuring a stress-free and unforgettable celebration. Click below for our top tips for a stress-free party.

What Makes Us the Perfect Choice for Children’s Entertainment?

We take pride in designing unforgettable entertainment experiences that make children ecstatic! Here’s why partnering with us will turn your little one’s party into an exciting sensation: 

  • A splendid Entertainment Show marrying comedy and magic, guaranteed to leave the young audience rolling with laughter.
  • Games that are not only fun but also appropriate for children of various ages, from tiny tots to teenagers.
  • A vibrant Disco dance session that transforms your lounge or garden into a lively disco hub.
  • Fascinating Balloon Modelling with captivating balloon figures as prizes for game winners.

Why Assign Your Children’s Entertainment to Us?  

Our commitment to providing unparalleled children’s entertainment qualifies us as an ideal choice. Here’s what differentiates us: 

  1. Proficient Entertainers with substantial experience in entertaining children of diverse ages, ensuring a jovial atmosphere.
  2. Kid-Friendly Content tailor-made for children, featuring age-appropriate humour, characters, and magic.
  3. Uncomplicated Booking process to facilitate seamless planning of your child’s birthday party.
  4. Adaptable Packages that resonate with your child’s unique tastes and interests, thus perfecting their party into a distinctive event.

Ready to throw an unforgettable party for children? Contact us today for a non-obligatory quote!