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Dozy Dave Birthday Packages
Dozy Dave Birthday Packages

Pre-School Parties

Seeking the perfect, stress-free party solution for your Pre-School / Nursery? We offer our best seller the Silver package (45 Minutes). A show filled with comedy Magic, Party Dances and easy to follow games.

Make your party, the Greatest party ever!!

Rely on Dozy Dave and his accomplished team of children’s entertainers, known for their exceptional work accross the Northwest. If outstanding children’s entertainment is what you seek for your Pre-School or Nursey, then you are in the the right place. Please watch our videos and read the many hundreds of testimonials from satisfied customers, before comparing our prices with other entertainers in your area.

Pre-School Children's Parties


The recommended package for younger children

Dozy Dave Silver birthday party package

Silver 45 Minute Party Package

Experience a Whirlwind of Laughter: 45 Minutes of Spellbinding Magic, Thrilling Games, puppets and party dances!

Our dazzling one-hour spectacle is chock-full of funny magic tricks, engaging games, delightful puppets, and energetic party dances. Our performances are perfectly tailored for children of all ages, starting from 3 – 4 years old, promoting a spirit of inclusivity at its best. It’s a well-known fact that youngsters love playing an active role rather than just watching – and that’s the philosophy we live by, as we ensure each child is an integral part of our lively show.

Appreciating that little ones might be initially timid and hesitant, we commence our shows grounded, conversing gently and patiently. This offers children the chance to gradually enhance their confidence. As their self-assurance blossoms, the tempo of the show correspondingly picks up. Soon, you’ll hear the delightful sounds of their animated laughter and eager excitement as they clamour to assist with the next funny magic trick.


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Pre-School Showreel:

Introducing Dozy Dave, the ultimate Nursery Entertainer

Discover Children’s Magic Shows: Delightfully Crafted Spells for Exciting Parties Hang on to your party hats as you plunge into the enchanting world of children’s magic shows. Our team has been captivating young audiences with spellbinding tricks and illusions for over 20 years. We’ve created a delightful mix of mesmerising magic, engaging games, and lively dance sessions ensuring energy levels remain high and young spirits entertained. Count on Dozy Dave to provide an exceptional entertainment experience. Secure your booking now and let the magic begin!

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Children's Party Planning

Are you planning to throw a children’s birthday party that they’ll remember for years to come? We have the expertise you need. As seasoned Children’s Party Specialists, we’re equipped with both the knowledge and understanding required to pull off a strikingly successful event. With our extensive experience and insights, nothing brings us joy like orchestrating a children’s party that becomes a cherished memory. 

We’re more than ready to assist you in selecting the ideal activities and games and presenting exquisite entertainment solutions. Entrust the planning and execution of your children’s birthday bash to us, for we are committed to a seamless and memorable celebration. If a stress-free children’s party is what you desire, then you’re in for a treat! Click below to uncover our prime suggestions for a hassle-free occasion.