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Dozy Dave Children's Entertainer

Children’s Entertainer Shipley:

Dozy Dave Children’s Entertainer Shipley: Planning an Unforgettable Birthday Bash? You’ve come to the right place. We have a roster of well-loved children’s entertainers who have transformed numerous children’s parties into memorable affairs. Recommended by both schools and parents, our impressive collection of 5 Star reviews are available for perusal on our website, as well as on other reliable sources like Google, Facebook, and Trustindex. We also possess the necessary DBS & PLI  certifications, ensuring that your child’s entertainment is in skilled and responsive hands.

The interactive shows we conduct aren’t just magic…they’re magic enhanced with modern comedy! To keep things buzzing, we also feature fun-filled party dances, exciting games, and prizes in the form of vibrant balloon sculptures. These elements work together to create a laughter-filled environment that’s a definite hit among kiddos. Furthermore, our shows are flexible to accommodate children and adults with additional needs, promoting an inclusive and enjoyable experience for all.

Children’s Entertainer Shipley Showreel:

Embark on a magical adventure with Dozy Dave’s captivating children’s magic shows, bursting with mesmerising magic, endless entertainment, and bundles of giggles!

Reviews for Children's Magician Dozy Dave

Bring Magic to Your Child’s Special Day

Looking for a unique twist for your child’s birthday party? Imagine the joy and astonishment on their faces as Dozy Dave, our expert magician, performs charming magic tricks. This surprise addition is sure to make their birthday a celebration they’ll remember fondly for many years.

Transform Everyday Gatherings into Magical Spectacles

Want to turn a regular get-together into an extraordinary show? Our ‘Awesome Extravaganza’ package does exactly that. Tailored to suit any occasion, such as birthdays, christenings, or even weddings, our interactive magic shows inject a dose of enchantment into your event. Watch as a typical celebration becomes something truly magical.

Personalised Magic Shows Additional Needs

At our heart, we believe magic is universally captivating, enchanting people of all ages and abilities. Our shows are not just for children – they’re designed to charm and engage all attendees. With the allure that only magic can offer, we captivate our audience, making them a critical part of our spellbinding performances.

Children’s Entertainer Shipley

Hi Dave. Just a quick thank you message from me and partner for the show you put on for Riley’s birthday party on Saturday. He can be shy sometimes but you handled it excellently and made him feel the star of the show at all times. Riley wouldn’t stop talking you about you for the rest of the night after you left and asked can you come to his next birthday. The parents at the party also came up to me at the end asking for your details because they wanted to book you for their own child birthday party. It really was a fantastic show, you made the party in our opinion. I would highly recommend it to anyone thinking about booking you. Thanks again Scott, Hannah and Riley by: Scott Wodward

Dozy Dave 5 Stars

Children's Entertainer Shipley

Kids entertainer

Children's Entertainer Shipley package details.

Magic Shows for children aged 4 and over

4 Year Old Parties

Birthday party magician offers a children’s magic show that is packed with Magic, Music, and non-stop Laughter. We understand that children can be frightened and a bit shy at first.

As soon as the little ones start to gain their confidence, they are ready for the action-packed excitement to really get started, making sure that that the children will be engaged and entertained throughout the day with Children’s Party Entertainer.

Kids Birthday Party Entertainer Dozy Dave

5-6 Year Old Parties

An action-packed show that will captivate children from start to finish. Birthday party magician Dozy Dave will have them rolling with laughter as they witness mind-boggling tricks and become a part of the Children’s Magic Show themselves.

Our Children’s Party Entertainers create a perfect blend of magic, games, and party dances. Ultimately, we guarantee to create unforgettable memories for all!

Dozy Dave, Children's Entertainer, Magician and Clown

7 – 11 Year Old Parties

Incredible Kids Entertainers for kids aged 7-11! First, get ready for a Children’s Magic Show filled with exciting games, energizing music, and mind-blowing magic.

Our one-of-a-kind Balloon Motorbikes make for exciting prizes. Moreover, for the perfect blend of fun, Birthday Party Magician and Children’s Party Entertainer Dozy Dave will compete boys and girls against each other, keeping the older boys engaged and excited.


Children's Entertainer ShipleyGuarding Your Little Gems!

Providing your tiny jewels with magical entertainment doesn’t mean compromising their safety. With us, you get to experience an enchanting blend of thrill-filled activities designed while prioritising your children’s safety.

Our main act, the mesmerising Dozy Dave not only captivates with his splendid illusions but also stands firmly committed to children’s safety. With an Enhanced DBS Certificate as his badge, you’re assured of a safe, exciting, and unforgettable magic show for your little ones.

In case of any unexpected happenings, take solace in our stout £10 Million Public Liability Insurance cover. As the responsible parents you are, you deserve the peace of mind to simply revel in the magic of the dazzling spectacle. Your children’s safety? Sorted!

Some of our clients

Dozy Dave children's party entertainer for Asda
Dozy Dave children's party entertainer at DHL
Dozy Dave provided his children's magic show for the staff's children's Chritmas parties
Dozy Dave: has worked for many years at Hillside School
Dozy Dave kids magic show Bayfield Shopping Centre
Dozy Dave provided his kids magic show for Barnardos

Children’s Entertainer Shipley

We hired Dozy Dave for our wedding day to keep the kids entertained, the kids loved him.he was so engaging with them all, plus the adults all loved it after watching dozy Dave perform. We have had so many people asking us about him and where to hire him from, we would highly recommend him to anyone. thanks so much for making our special day go even better then we thought. Ali & Jo by: Ali & Jo

Dozy Dave 5 Stars