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Dozy Dave Birthday Packages
Dozy Dave Birthday Packages

Children's Wedding Entertainment Packages

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Silver Party Package

The best Party option for children

Dozy Dave Silver birthday party package


A Full Hour of Magic and Joy: Perfect for Mid-Afternoon or Early Evening Imagine an entertainer circling around your event, introducing themselves to every child and inviting them to participate in a magical extravaganza. They will captivate the kids with an enchanting magic trick or create a small, dainty balloon just for them. Following each introduction, the entertained child and their supervising adult will be asked if they’d like to partake in a magic show later. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

A Conga Line to the Show! Once every child has met the entertainer, the magic unfurls. Our entertainer will revisit all the now familiar faces, gathering the children in a jolly, ‘CONGA-style’ line. Holding hands, they’ll follow the entertainer to the designated show area, bubbling with anticipation. Please note that during the show, we require at least one independent adult to always be in attendance for supervision.

Our dazzling show, beaming with whimsical Magic, lively Games, jubilant Music and cheerful Balloons, is perfect for a diversified age group of children, ranging from age 4 upwards. More than just delivering music, our entertainers guide the children through dance steps and coordinate fun-filled games set to the rhythm of the tunes.

Notably, our shows emphasise much on audience interaction, enabling every child to partake and feel engaged. It’s well-known, children aren’t just keen on spectating, they yearn to actively participate. Thus, during each performance, we distribute small gifts, usually creatively crafted balloon animals, to ensure an immersive, memorable experience.

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Children’s Entertainer Showreel:

Introducing Dozy Dave, the ultimate Children’s Party Entertainer

Prepare to immerse yourself in the mesmerising world of children’s magic shows. Our highly skilled magicians have been holding children in awe for over two decades with delightful magic antics. We’ve tailored an irresistible programme of astonishing magic, invigorating party games and lively action dances, all directed towards ensuring an unending flow of fun and amusement. Confide in the magical prowess of Dozy Dave for a first-rate, pleasure-filled spectacle. Don’t delay, book today and let the magical adventure begin!


Suitable if you have 15 or more children

Dozy Dave Silver birthday party package

Gold 1.5 Hr Party Package

A Spectacular 1.5hr Show: More Fun, More Laughter!

Similar to our Silver package, this show extends the enchantment, offering a generous 1.5 hours of captivating magic entertainment. It’s perfect if you’re hosting a larger group of children. We recommend this package for parties of at least 12 children who are 5 years old or older. You’ll get more time to relish in the joy and wonder that our magic show brings. More packages below

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Suitablefor larger groups of children

Dozy Dave Silver birthday party package

Platinum 2Hr Party Package

The Ultimate 2hr Show: Extra Thrills, Extra Giggles!

With our Rolls Royce party package, we promise an afternoon packed with non-stop laughter and amusement, tailor-made for children. This offering is ideal for summery outdoor gatherings where children can enjoy fun under the sun. We can perform our standard magic shows or add a twist with exhilarating activities like treasure-filled egg hunts and creative colouring competitions. (Additional materials can either be our responsibility or you can provide yours.) Our suggestion for this package is that there should be a minimum at least of 18 children, aged 5 or over, in attendance at the party. So, let the fun begin!

Read our Party Planning Guide at the bottom of this page

Children's Party Planning

Looking to plan a stress-free and unforgettable children’s party? Look no further! As experienced Children’s Party Entertainers, we understand the ins and outs of organizing successful events. With years of experience and valuable insights, we take pride in creating a memorable experience for children.

From choosing the right activities and games to providing top-quality entertainment options, we have you covered. Allow us to bring our expertise and passion to your children’s party, ensuring a stress-free and unforgettable celebration. Click below for our top tips for a stress-free party.

What Makes Us the Perfect Choice?

Our passion is to create unforgettable entertainment experiences for children, which they simply love! Here’s why relying on us to make your little one’s party an exhilarating event is an excellent idea: 

  • A spectacular Entertainment Show combining comedy and magic, bound to have the young audience in fits of laughter.
  • Games that are enjoyable and safe for children of all ages, ranging from toddlers to teens.
  • Disco dance session that transforms your living area or backyard into a mini disco club.
  • Balloon Modelling with intriguing balloon sculptures as prizes for games.

Why entrust us with your children’s entertainment? 

Our determination to offer unparalleled entertainment for children makes us a reliable choice. Here’s what sets us apart: 

  1. Skilled Entertainers with vast experience in keeping children of varied age groups entertained and ensuring everyone is having a good time.
  2. Kid-Friendly shows crafted for children with age-appropriate humour, characters and magic.
  3. Hassle-Free Booking process for a smooth planning of your child’s birthday party.
  4. Customisable Packages to align with your child’s unique needs and preferences, thereby making their party an exclusive event.

Ready to throw an unforgettable party for your little one? Contact us today for a non-obligatory quote!