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Dozy Dave Children's Entertainer

Children’s Entertainer Middlewich:

Celebrating Children with Unforgettable Birthday Party Entertainment. Dozy Dave children’s entertainer Middlewich with his team of excellent children’s entertainers at our disposal, we’ve helped make countless children’s parties exceptional. Commended by schools and parents alike, our impressive collection of 5-star reviews can be seen on our own site, as well as on Google, Facebook and Trustindex. Rest easy knowing that your entertainment is in the safest hands, complete with DBS & PLI  certifications.

Our shows go beyond regular entertainment. They interweave modern comedy magic, engaging dances, thrilling games and provide vibrant balloon sculptures as prizes. These elements create a cocktail of fun and laughter that never fails to captivate the kids. And the beauty of it all? These shows can be tailored to accommodate children and adults with additional needs.

Children’s Entertainer Middlewich Showreel:

Embark on an enchanting adventure with Dozy Dave’s Spectacular Magic Shows for Children! Crafted especially for youngsters, brace yourselves for a thrilling ride filled with mystique, surprise elements and endless entertainment! Children’s Entertainer Middlewich

Reviews for Children's Magician Dozy Dave

Craft a Unforgettable Magical Journey for Your Little One’s Birthday Bash

Imagine an enchanting children’s party brimming with excitement, wide-eyed wonderment and the infectious sound of laughter. Now, enhance this vibrant picture with the dynamic and absorbing acts performed by Dozy Dave, Liverpool’s favourite children’s party entertainer. We consider each event as a unique experience, tailored to match and emphasise the individuality of your child. Their party becomes not just another standard event, but a bespoke day of enchantment and joy imbibed with their own personal magic.

Enrich Your Youngster’s Birthday with Unparalleled Magic Show Offers

Allow us to turn your child’s cherished day into an unforgettable spectacle with our ‘Spectacular Performances’. Such breathtaking acts go beyond creating memorable moments; they open portals into a fantastical world captivating to every guest. Our captivating magic shows are not only the highlight of many events, ranging from christenings to weddings, but also open a door into a world teeming with awe and wonder, enchanting a diverse audience, regardless of their age.

Designing Exclusive Magic Shows for Children with Special Needs

Want to let your child embark on an alluring journey of illusion? It fills us with immense pride and satisfaction to announce the innovative magic shows we specially curated for children with special needs. Our thoughtfully scripted performances blend riveting magic tricks and engaging activities, seamlessly steering the audience onto a memorable expedition through a mystical haven filled with joy and wonder.

Children’s Entertainer Middlewich

Hi Dave. Thank you for providing entertainment at our Golden Wedding celebration. The age span of those attending our Golden Wedding celebration was almost 100 years. We gave a lot of thought as to how we could satisfy the hopes of all our friends and relatives. The decision to ask ‘Dozy Dave’ along was immense and so instrumental in creating the atmosphere we had hoped to achieve. Everyone enjoyed the day from the eldest to the youngest who was held spellbound and enthralled – the smiles and laughter said it all !!!’ You will gather we were delighted and thank you so much for arranging this. Best Wishes

Dozy Dave 5 Stars

Geoff Greenwood

Kids entertainer

Children's Entertainer Middlewich


Children's Entertainer MiddlewichStep into a world of enchanting magic for children, all masterfully created and delivered by our talented performer, Dozy Dave. His selection of awe-inspiring, yet completely safe magic tricks promises to charm the little ones. And rest assured, Dozy Dave is DBS certified, guaranteeing both a fun and secure environment for every show. This isn’t just any magic act – it’s a ticket to a world of wonder and excitement!

In addition, we place equal importance on providing non-stop fun and maintaining safety at all times. Backed by comprehensive Public Liability Insurance, we’re prepared to address any unexpected situations. Dave’s magic is more than just a show – it’s a special chance to build joyful, lasting memories for your child and their friends.

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Dozy Dave provided his children's magic show for the staff's children's Chritmas parties
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Dozy Dave kids magic show Bayfield Shopping Centre
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Children’s party entertainer

Hi Dave, just to say a big thank you for today at Lily and Ronan’s 5th birthday party. Everyone had a great time and really enjoyed all the magic and entertainment. Thanks again Chris and Stacey

Dozy Dave 5 Stars

Chris and Stacey Tyson