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Best kids party ideas

Looking Best kids party ideas?

You have landed in the right place. Dozy Dave has been entertaining children since 1996 and has amassed hundreds of kid party ideas and birthday party tips which will make your child’s party stress-free and fun.

The party tips below will help you in planning your event. It’s a very important day in your child’s life and they deserve our very best! Birthday Party

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Don't leave it too late!

Planning a children’s party? Don’t leave it too late! Here’s a top tip for you: book your kid’s party entertainment around two months to three in advance and for peek times like Halloween & Christmas you need to think 4-5 months in advance at least! It may sound extreme, but if you want to secure a fantastic kids’ entertainer and a great venue, early booking is key. These popular options tend to get booked up quickly, so delaying your search can lead to unnecessary stress and limited choices. At Dozy Dave Magic Show, we understand the importance of planning ahead. Don’t miss out on an unforgettable party experience – book in advance and guarantee an amazing time for your little ones!

Best time for the party

The most popular times for your party are from 2 pm to 4 pm, but these slots fill up quickly. However, for the Dozy Dave Magic Show, I would suggest holding your party from 11 am to 1 pm. Wondering why? Well, let me explain.

  1. Opting for a late-morning slot will make it easier for you to secure an entertainer and a venue.
  2. Having an early party ensures that all the children attending are fresh and full of energy, as it will be the first party of the day.
  3. Since parents are usually busy working throughout the week, weekends are precious to them. By hosting an early party, you free up the rest of your day to enjoy other activities instead of being tied down to the party later in the day. Trust me, other parents will appreciate this too (maybe not soccer moms, though).
  4. Another option worth considering is an after-school party on a Friday evening, which combines all the benefits mentioned above.
More is NOT better
More is NOT better. At Dozy Dave Magic Show, we understand the common pitfall for parents to go above and beyond when planning their children’s party. They often feel the need to organize an array of kids party entertainment options, such as a kids entertainer, a face painter, a bouncy castle, and even a candy floss machine. However, it’s essential to remember that kids prefer simplicity. When there is too much going on, they may not enjoy any of it or become overwhelmed, leading to possible distress on the day. Trust us to create a memorable and enjoyable experience for your child by focusing on quality over quantity.
Party Food

No celebration is complete without a delightful selection of treats that children absolutely adore – think mouthwatering sweets, crispy snacks, and an abundance of chocolate goodies. However, we believe in striking a harmonious balance, not just indulging in the realm of E numbers. That’s why, alongside these delectable delights, we highly recommend offering a colorful variety of fruits and vegetables. The little ones are particularly fond of mini boxes brimming with plump raisins, as well as crunchy carrot and cucumber sticks, and juicy cherry tomatoes. And let’s not overlook the immense popularity of mixed fruits like succulent strawberries or tantalizing pineapple chunks. To cater to the young partygoers, a selection of delicious sandwiches and refreshing fruit juices will undoubtedly be a smashing hit. At Dozy Dave Magic Show, we wholeheartedly understand the significance of providing a wholesome and well-rounded feast to enhance your celebrations.

Top Tip place the party food into a themed snack box. Prepare the night before and place the boxes on the table when the children are ready to eat, children love opening the box and seeing the delights inside. It’s quick and easy and tidying up is a breaze.

How to find you?

Take a bouquet of balloons and attach them to the front of your house, if the party is at your home, or attach them at the venue location. This simple yet effective idea will make it much easier for anyone trying to find the house or venue, including the entertainer if you have one. To add an extra touch of personalisation, let the birthday child select the colors for the balloons. Getting your child involved in the birthday party planning is not only great for their self-esteem and self-confidence, but it also adds a special touch to the celebration. Kids really want to help out, so let them be a part of the excitement and make their birthday party one to remember.

Avoid parents staying

We know how important it is for children to have a truly enjoyable party experience. One common pitfall to avoid is having parents stay at the children’s party, as this can greatly impact the entertainment and how much the kids actually enjoy the event. If you’re planning on having children’s entertainment, it’s best to keep it focused solely on the kids. We appreciate this may not be possible with preschool aged children, but try to have a separate area where parents can gather, it’s tempting to double up your party as an adult social, but this can lead to unwanted noise levels and the children not being able to fully engage with the entertainer. You’ll likely be busy with food preparations on the day of the party anyway, so save the adult socializing for another time. Trust us, it’s well worth it to ensure the little ones have an unforgettable experience with Dozy Dave Magic Show.

Avoid Distractions

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of maintaining a distraction-free environment during your party at a Dozy Dave Magic Show. It is crucial to ensure that toys, loose balloons, bouncy castles, open buffets, and garden toys/equipment (if the party is outside) are kept out of reach. When distractions like these are accessible to children, they tend to shift their focus away from the show, disrupting the enjoyment of other kids as well. We are experts at what we do, but can you imagine going to a theater show or the pictures and there being a fun fare or restaurant in the same room? Removing these distractions makes a significant difference in maximizing the children’s enjoyment. If you have a bouncy castle, we recommend deflating it during the show. For balloons used as decorations, please secure them in a visible location, but out of children’s reach. Ensure that toys in the room are stored where they cannot be seen or played with. If an open buffet is present, cover the food to indicate that it is for later, enhancing the children’s overall experience during the show.

Have a contingency plan for outdoor events

I shouldn’t have to mention this kid party idea, but if you’re having an outdoor party, definitely have a backup plan in case of inclement weather. This is even more important if you live in as I do in Scotland because it rains so frequently.

Do I need to hire a hall?

If you have a spacious room in your house that comfortably accommodates all the kids you’re inviting, then it’s usually absolutely fine to host the party there. However, if you’re concerned about potential mess or damage, especially if you’re expecting a large number of children, renting a hall might be a better option. The advantage of having a hall is that you can enjoy the festivities without worrying about your house getting dirty or food spilling on the floor or carpet. Many parents have successfully hosted parties at their homes, so it’s definitely doable. Just remember to consider your own preferences and concerns. If you do decide to book a hall, make sure to do it as early as possible, as popular venues tend to get booked up quickly.

A bigger room is NOT a better one. Giving the children too much space to run around in makes it very difficult to both control and entertain them, plus the noise reverberates around the room, making it extremely noisy.

Whistles and party blowers!

The children adore those party blowers and whistles, but brace yourself – after a mere two minutes, you’ll be wishing you never bought them! If you really want to get them, go ahead and slip ’em into a party bag for party guests to take home. I guarantee the parents will shower you with gratitude the next day at school. Well, maybe not… but hey, at least the kids will be thrilled! So come on over to Dozy Dave Magic Show and I will make those party blowers and whistles disappear (figuratively, of course!).

Should I invite the whole class?

It’s advisable to extend an invitation to the whole class. Instead of singling out a few, it’s more inclusive and easier to have every child join in on the fun. By limiting the guest list, there is a potential risk of disappointing some little ones and their parents. In fact, certain schools have a policy that if you distribute invitations at school, you must invite the entire class. So, let us make everyone feel exceptional and join us for an enchanting time at the Dozy Dave Magic Show. I always feel that more is better anyway.

Gifts your child will receive

You might want to consider having a large cardboard box handy to put presents in. The birthday child could decorate with bright colorful wrapping paper or simply color it. This adds a nice festive touch to the party and also shows off your child’s creative skills!

Do I need an entertainer?

Why choose us for your children’s entertainment? 

We are committed to providing outstanding entertainment that kids love and trust. Here’s why you can trust us to deliver a fantastic experience: 

  1. Experienced Entertainers: Our team has years of experience in keeping children entertained. We know how to engage children of all ages and make sure everyone has a good time!
  2. Made for Kids: Our shows are specifically designed for children. The humour, magic and characters are all suitable for little ones.
  3. Stress-Free Booking: Our simplified booking process makes organising your child’s party a breeze.
  4. Customisable Packages: We can adjust our packages to fit your child’s individual needs and preferences, making their party truly unique and personal.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start planning an amazing party for your child! Reach out to us today for a no-obligation quote.

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I hope you enjoyed reading… Party Tips To Help Make Your Child’s Birthday Party Amazing, Fun and Sress-Free.”

Best wishes for an Amazing Party!

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