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Dozy Dave Children's Entertainer

Children’s Entertainer Alderley Edge:

Welcome to a fantastic world of Dozy Dave children’s entertainer Alderley Edge, brought to you by some of the best-loved and busiest entertainers in your locality. With a significant length of experience and thousands of successful children’s parties under our belt, we have earned glowing reviews from both parents and schools. Our quality work is openly applauded on several platforms, including our website, Google, Facebook and Trustindex. Moreover, don’t worry, as we are fully DBS & PLI certified so that your children are always in safe hands.

Our shows are a vibrant fusion of comedy magic, dynamic party dances, and exhilarating games, paired with colourful balloon sculptures as prizes that never fail to paint a picture of pure wonder and delight on the children’s faces. Moreover, we ensure inclusivity by tailoring our shows to cater to both children and adults with additional needs.


Children’s Entertainer Alderley Edge Showreel:

Prepare to be fascinated by our exceptional collection of engrossing video clips taken at different events. Experience firsthand the contagious joy and unbridled giggles amongst children as they delight in our Kids Entertainer shows. Children’s Entertainer Alderley Edge

Unforgettable Children's Parties

birthday party entertainer Dozy Dave, your go-to Birthday party magician for all occasions. From Children’s Birthday Parties to Christenings, Weddings, and Holiday Parks, Dozy Dave Children’s Magic Show guarantees a top-quality Kids Entertainer.

Not only will your little ones be smiling from ear to ear, but they will also be creating memories that will last a lifetime.

School & Pre-School Kids Entertainer

kids magic showFrom Pre-Schools to Y6 parties, book us for the perfect entertainment solution for your school. In addition, our Children’s Magic Show is highly sought-after by schools across Merseyside, Cheshire, Lancashire, and Yorkshire.

Teachers are always impressed at the way we keep all the children involved and entertained. Dozy Dave the best Birthday party magician and Kids Entertainer for your school event.

Magical Seasonal Shows

children's magic showYou need a Birthday party magician who specializes in unforgettable children’s parties and someone who provides and a fantastic Children’s Magic Show, all year round.

Whether it’s Easter, Halloween, or Christmas, we guarantee a show that perfectly matches your and your children’s needs. From start to finish, we will ensure that your next children’s event is one to remember.

Children's Entertainer Alderley Edge package details.

Magic Shows for children aged 4 and over

4 Year Old Parties

Birthday party magician offers a children’s magic show that is packed with Magic, Music, and non-stop Laughter. We understand that children can be frightened and a bit shy at first.

As soon as the little ones start to gain their confidence, they are ready for the action-packed excitement to really get started, making sure that that the children will be engaged and entertained throughout the day with Children’s Party Entertainer.

Kids Birthday Party Entertainer Dozy Dave

Dozy Dave Parties

An action-packed show that will captivate children from start to finish. Magic, Music & Games, with balloons as prizes. Birthday party magician Dozy Dave is the perfect entertainer for children aged 5 – 6 years of age. He will have them rolling with laughter as they witness mind-boggling tricks and become a part of the Children’s Magic Show themselves.

We guarantee to create unforgettable memories for all!

Dozy Dave, Children's Entertainer, Magician and Clown

7 – 11 Year Old Parties

Incredible Kids Entertainer for kids aged 7-11! First, get ready for a Children’s Magic Show filled with exciting games, energizing music, and mind-blowing magic.

Our one-of-a-kind Balloon Motorbikes make for exciting prizes. Moreover, for the perfect blend of fun, Birthday Party Magician and Children’s Party Entertainer Dozy Dave will compete boys and girls against each other, keeping the older boys engaged and excited.

Reviews for Children's Entertainer Alderley Edge

Children’s Entertainer Alderley Edge

The Importance of Interactive Magic Shows

Magic shows are more than mere entertainment; they’re an opportunity for children to explore their fascination with the unexplained. They can stimulate the imagination, nurture curiosity and even inspire a lifelong love of magic. By allowing children to interact, ask questions and take part actively in the magic tricks, they gain a sense of participation in the magical world.

Creating Special Memories

Our prime aim is not just to entertain, but also to create moments that will be treasured by children for years to come. These moments of wonder and amazement can engender beautiful memories, and in some instances, even spark a lifelong passion for magic and the performing arts.

Let’s Bring the Magic to You!

Why do all the fuss of organising a venue when the magic can come to you! With Dozy Dave, scheduling and planning couldn’t be more straightforward. We tailor each performance to suit your unique needs, offering a flexible service that can adjust to any venue—be it a living room, garden, school or community halls.

Experience the magical combination of fun, laughter, awe, and precious memories with Dozy Dave’s children’s magic shows. Let us sprinkle some dazzle on your child’s special day!

Additional Needs Magic Shows

Everyone, regardless of their abilities, should have the chance to feel the riveting excitement and delight that comes with watching a magic show. This is exactly our aim when we curate our ‘Additional Needs Magic Shows. We ensure everyone, especially our lovely pals with unique needs, are completely immersed in the magical experience.

Kids Entertainer

15th St Helens Beavers had a great time on the 7th of December 2015 Dozy Dave was fab, we would recommend him to any group for lots of fun and laughter.

Dozy Dave 5 Stars

15 St Andrews Beavers St Helens

Kids entertainer
Dozy Dave children's party entertainer for Asda
Dozy Dave children's party entertainer at DHL
Dozy Dave provided his children's magic show for the staff's children's Chritmas parties
Dozy Dave: has worked for many years at Hillside School
Dozy Dave kids magic show Bayfield Shopping Centre
Dozy Dave provided his kids magic show for Barnardos

Children's Entertainer Alderley EdgeDBS & PLI

Dozy Dave holds an enhanced DBS Certificate and has Public Liability insurance.

These essentials reflect Dave’s commitment to maintaining a safe and secure environment for all children. The enhanced DBS Certificate implies that Dave went through a rigorous background check to ensure there’s no cause for concern, particularly with respect to working with kids.

Meanwhile, Public Liability Insurance provides assurance that in the unlikely event of an accident, no liability falls upon you. Rest assured, Dave strives to uphold stringent safety standards to prevent such occurrences, but it’s there as an extra layer of protection.


Children’s Entertainer Alderley Edge

Attended a party today. What a gifted entertainer Dave is. The children were enthralled and totally engaged from start to finish. I can honestly say, the best children’s entertainer I’ve seen.

Dozy Dave 5 Stars

Sara Jones