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Dozy Dave Children's Entertainer

Children’s Entertainer Mirfield:

Dozy Dave Children’s Entertainer Mirfield. Infuse your Birthday Party with Memorable Entertainment! Our talented children’s entertainers have a knack for making children’s parties unforgettable. Both schools and parents recommend us warmly, thanks to our wide range of 5-star reviews that you can discover on our website, along with Google, Facebook and Trustindex. The entertainment is in safe and reliable hands, assured by our DBS & PLI  certifications.

We offer interactive shows that are a vibrant mix of modern comedy magic entertainment, captivating party dances, thrilling games, and multicoloured balloon sculptures as prizes. It’s our promise that they will churn out laughter and charm the children. We also customise our shows to be equally enjoyable for children and adults with additional needs.

Children’s Entertainer Mirfield Showreel:

Join the fun with Dozy Dave’s Magic Shows for Children! Designed just for kids, prepare for a journey of mystery, surprises and non-stop entertainment!.

Reviews for Children's Magician Dozy Dave

Create An Unforgettable Magic-Infused Extravaganza for Your Child’s Birthday Celebration

Imagine a vibrant children’s party pulsating with delight, astonishing surprises, and the delightful soundtrack of children’s lighthearted laughter. Add to this colourful tableau the engaging shows put on by Liverpool’s most popular choice for children’s entertainment, Dozy Dave. Each event we cater to is considered wholly distinct, woven seamlessly into your child’s unique brand of magic. This transforms their birthday party from a standard affair into a customised day filled with happiness and a special kind of enchantment.

Bring Unmatched Joy to Your Child’s special day with Dynamic Magic Show Packages

Permit us to morph your child’s special day into a remarkable spectacle with our ‘Spectacular Performances’. Our awe-inspiring acts go a step beyond merely creating unforgettable moments – the performances open a window to a bewitching world that enthralls every attendee. Our compelling magic shows do not only steal the show at diverse events, be they christenings or weddings, but they also pull the curtain back on a world suffused with charm and astonishment that captures the heart of every spectator, irrespective of their age.

Shaping Exclusive Magic Shows Tailored to Children with Special Needs

Desire to let your child sail on a mesmerising journey of illusion? We are thrilled and deeply contented to unveil our bespoke magic shows meticulously designed for children with special needs. Our attentively crafted performances weave together spellbinding magic tricks and stimulating activities, artfully drawing the audience into an unparalleled adventure through a magical utopia brimming with joy and curiosity.

Children’s Entertainer Mirfield

We booked Dozy Dave as a surprise for our daughter Scarlett’s 4th Birthday party as she has seen him several times before at the soft play in St Helens and loves his show. He entertained 14 children for an hour and half and had them transfixed with his magic, balloon making and dancing games. You made our daughter’s day when she saw you arrive and want to thank you for making her 4th Birthday an occasion we will all remember for a very long time.

Dozy Dave 5 Stars

Chris and Roxy

Children's Entertainer Mirfield

Kids entertainer

Children's Entertainer Mirfield package details.

Magic Shows for children aged 4 and over

4 Year Old Parties

Birthday party magician offers a children’s magic show that is packed with Magic, Music, and non-stop Laughter. We understand that children can be frightened and a bit shy at first.

As soon as the little ones start to gain their confidence, they are ready for the action-packed excitement to really get started, making sure that that the children will be engaged and entertained throughout the day with Children’s Party Entertainer.

Kids Birthday Party Entertainer Dozy Dave

5-6 Year Old Parties

An action-packed show that will captivate children from start to finish. Birthday party magician Dozy Dave will have them rolling with laughter as they witness mind-boggling tricks and become a part of the Children’s Magic Show themselves.

Our Children’s Party Entertainers create a perfect blend of magic, games, and party dances. Ultimately, we guarantee to create unforgettable memories for all!

Dozy Dave, Children's Entertainer, Magician and Clown

7 – 11 Year Old Parties

Incredible Kids Entertainers for kids aged 7-11! First, get ready for a Children’s Magic Show filled with exciting games, energizing music, and mind-blowing magic.

Our one-of-a-kind Balloon Motorbikes make for exciting prizes. Moreover, for the perfect blend of fun, Birthday Party Magician and Children’s Party Entertainer Dozy Dave will compete boys and girls against each other, keeping the older boys engaged and excited.


Children's Entertainer MirfieldJoin us on an exciting journey of child-friendly magic with our skilled entertainer, Dozy Dave Children’s Entertainer Mirfield. His captivating and safe magic tricks, alongside his DBS certification, ensure that your child is in an entertaining and secure environment. This magic show is more than just tricks – it’s your child’s passport to a realm of sheer thrill and enjoyment!

Moreover, we are committed to providing constant entertainment while prioritising safety. Thanks to our full Public Liability Insurance, we are ready for any unforeseen events. Remember, Dave’s magic is not just a spectacle – it’s a golden opportunity to create delightful and lasting memories for your child and their friends.

Some of our clients

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Dozy Dave provided his children's magic show for the staff's children's Chritmas parties
Dozy Dave: has worked for many years at Hillside School
Dozy Dave kids magic show Bayfield Shopping Centre
Dozy Dave provided his kids magic show for Barnardos

Children’s party entertainer

Hi Dave, A huge thank you for making our son’s birthday so enjoyable. All the children had a fantastic time and really enjoyed your show. We will be recommending you to our friends. Thanks once again.

Dozy Dave 5 Stars