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Dozy Dave Birthday Packages
Dozy Dave Birthday Packages

Children's Christmas Parties

Thank you for your interest in our festive holiday packages. Our children’s Christmas Party is a ‘snow-much-fun’ experience. It combines the wonder of seasonal magic tricks with lively party games and action-packed dances. This isn’t just a treat for your Christmas parties, but also an excellent choice for birthday celebrations! We provide three options for your convenience: the Silver package (1hr), the Gold package (1.5hrs), and the Platinum package (2hrs).

Make your next Christmas Party the Greatest event ever!!

Seperator[/caption]Christmas, a season of cheer and enchantment, calls for the special expertise of Dozy Dave and his team of charismatic children’s entertainers. Our Christmas party showcases a festive, interactive extravaganza, purposely designed with a dash of holiday merriment. Each entertainer hosts an engaging, seasonally-themed spectacle that encourages active audience participation. Designed to delight a diverse group, from the wide-eyed 3-year-olds to the overexcited older kids, this Christmas Party will make your little ones the star of the show, ensuring it’s a celebration that leaves a lasting impression. Do check out our Videos and browse through the countless glowing Reviews from our satisfied customers before comparing our competitive prices with other regional entertainers.

Dozy Dave children's Christmas Party


The best Birthday Party option for children aged 5 – 6

Dozy Dave Silver birthday party package

Silver 1 Hr Party Package

Embrace Festive Fun with Our Customised 1-Hr Show: Perfect for Work Parties, Schools, Pre-schools and More! 

Are you planning a special event with Santa visiting, and looking for an exciting activity to amp up the ambience? We’ve got you covered! Our show, precisely customised for a 1-hour duration, balances a variety of elements – captivating stories, striking magic tricks, and comedic entertainment – to keep your young audience deeply engaged and remarkably entertained throughout. 

Tailored to their respective age group, the youngest ones are bound to be spellbound by the bright colours, while the older children are set for an entertaining ride filled with brilliant magic tricks and immense laughter. Additionally, the show also incorporates a seamless blend of engaging music, festive storytelling and age-appropriate humour, specifically directed at children, creating a truly unforgettable experience for them. More packages below.

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Children’s Christmas Parties Showreel:

Introducing Dozy Dave, the ultimate Children’s Party Entertainer

Prepare to immerse yourself in the mesmerising world of children’s magic shows. Our highly skilled magicians have been holding children in awe for over two decades with delightful magic antics. We’ve tailored an irresistible programme of astonishing magic, invigorating party games and lively action dances, all directed towards ensuring an unending flow of fun and amusement. Confide in the magical prowess of Dozy Dave for a first-rate, pleasure-filled spectacle. Don’t delay, book today and let the magical adventure begin!


Suitable if you have 15 or more children

Dozy Dave Silver birthday party package

Gold 1.5 Hr Party Package

Dive Into a 1.5-Hour Magical Christmas Show: Fun & Giggles Galore!

Entertaining a crowd of kids might seem daunting, but that’s where our enchanting 90-minute show comes in. It’s like our Silver package, but with even more fun and laughter for everyone. 

Our suggestion: serve the children’s food first. After eating, they’ll be ready for the magic show. You can relax, enjoy the sounds of delight and merriment, and focus on making your party just as you envisioned. 

Don’t worry, our aim is to make this easy for you. This package gives you the freedom to shape the party to your liking without the stress of entertaining and we can introduce Farther Chritsmas at the end if you wish? More packages below

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Reviews for Children's Entertainer


Suitablefor larger groups of children

Dozy Dave Silver birthday party package

Platinum 2Hr Party Package

Experience the Ultimate 2hr Festive Show: Overflowing with Fun and Joy!

Dive into our 2-hour premier party extravaganza. We take charge of entertaining your little ones while you just need to manage the food keep track of Santa. From playing party tunes to introducing Santa, we’ve got everything covered. This lets you soak in the party spirit without dealing with the usual chaos.  Just sit back, relax, and watch the children having fun during this extremely Magical time of year.


Read our Party Planning Guide at the bottom of this page

Children's Party Planning

Looking to plan a stress-free and unforgettable children’s party? Look no further! As experienced Children’s Party Entertainers, we understand the ins and outs of organizing successful events. With years of experience and valuable insights, we take pride in creating a memorable experience for children.

From choosing the right activities and games to providing top-quality entertainment options, we have you covered. Allow us to bring our expertise and passion to your children’s party, ensuring a stress-free and unforgettable celebration. Click below for our top tips for a stress-free party.