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Dozy Dave Children's Entertainer

Birthday Party Magician:

With the reputation of being the premier Birthday Party Magician, Dozy Dave is committed to crafting unforgettable moments at kid’s events. Head over to our school shows page to explore the diverse range of our educational and birthday programmes. Take a look at our reviews. We boast impressive testimonials on Google, Facebook, and Trustindex. Moreover, our DBS & PLI certifications guarantee a safe ambience for all.

Prepare yourselves to be dazzled by captivating magic, lively dance-offs, and thrilling games, all rounded off with exceptional balloon prizes. Our vivacious performances captivate both children and adults, offering entertainment for the entire crowd. In addition, we customise our shows to suit individuals with special needs, securing delightful enjoyment for everyone involved.

Birthday Party Magician Showreel:

Prepare to be mesmerised by our captivating video snippets, documenting Birthday party magican Dozy Dave at numerous events. Experience the contagious joy and unbridled giggles of the young audience members as they are delighted by our children’s party entertainers performances. 

Unforgettable Children's Parties

birthday party entertainer

Birthday Party Magician Dozy Dave, your number one choice for electrifying Children’s Entertainment at any event. From mesmerising magic at children’s birthdays to enchanting performances at christenings, weddings, and holiday parks, rest assured, a spellbinding show from our Children’s Party Entertainers guarantees a top-notch children’s entertainment.

Your little ones won’t merely wear bright, ear-to-ear smiles; they’ll also weave memories that will become cherished keepsakes for life.

School & Pre-School Kids Entertainer

kids magic showWhether it’s for Nurseries, Primary School parties, or Specialist schools, you can count on Dozy Dave Children’s Party Entertainers to provide top-notch Children’s Entertainment tailored to meet both your needs and the needs of the children attending your school.

Our Children’s Entertainment is incredibly popular, we take special care in adapting the show to meet children’s unique needs and we are frequently booked by schools all through the regions of Merseyside, Cheshire, Lancashire, and Yorkshire.

Magical Seasonal Shows

children's magic show

You need Children’s Party Entertainers who specialise in unforgettable Children’s Entertainment and someone who provides and a fantastic Children’s Magic Show, all year round.

Whether it’s Easter, Halloween, or Christmas, we guarantee a show that perfectly matches your and your children’s needs. From start to finish, we will ensure that your next children’s event is one to remember. Book Children’s Party Entertainer Dozy Dave today.

Kids entertainer

Birthday Party Magican

Magic Shows for children aged 4 and over

4 Year Old Parties

Filled to the brim with enchanting magic, music and games, our magic children’s entertainment is tailor-made for children’s birthday parties. We’ve crafted our performances for children who may initially feel a little apprehensive or timid.

Once these young guests begin to grow comfortable and self-assured, the real magic begins! The pace quickens, and the party becomes a whirlwind of entertainment and bewilderment through the magical wonders of our children’s party entertainer, Dozy Dave. Rest assured, his captivating acts will hold the children’s undivided attention throughout the celebration!

Kids Birthday Party Entertainer Dozy Dave

5-6 Year Old Parties

Get ready to be captivated by a breathtaking spectacle, designed to mesmerise children from start to finish. Our specialist birthday party magician, Dozy Dave, will charm the young ones into bursts of laughter with his impressive magic tricks, all whilst ensuring they’re a crucial part of the Children’s Entertainment. 

Our insightful band of Children’s Party Entertainers boasts a sterling combination of awe-inducing magic tricks, high-energy games and enjoyable party dances. We are committed to creating a memorable party atmosphere filled with cherished moments for everyone invited!

Dozy Dave, Children's Entertainer, Magician and Clown

7 – 11 Year Old Parties

Experience Unmatched Children’s Party Entertainers for Kids Aged 7-11  Firstly, prepare yourselves for a thrillingly hilarious magic show designed for children! To complement the fun atmosphere, we incorporate fast-paced games and lively music.

Our exclusive Balloon Motorbikes serve as exciting prizes, adding to the overall enjoyment. Furthermore, to strike the perfect balance of amusement, our Birthday Party Magician and Children’s Party Entertainer, Dozy Dave, will instigate friendly competition between boys and girls. This ensures that even the older boys remain invested and excited throughout the event.

Reviews for Birthday Party Magician

Some of our clients

Dozy Dave children's party entertainer for Asda
Dozy Dave children's party entertainer at DHL
Dozy Dave provided his children's magic show for the staff's children's Chritmas parties
Dozy Dave: has worked for many years at Hillside School
Dozy Dave kids magic show Bayfield Shopping Centre
Dozy Dave provided his kids magic show for Barnardos

Birthday Party Magician package details.

Magic Shows for children aged 4 and over

4 Year Old Parties

Birthday party magician offers a children’s magic show that is packed with Magic, Music, and non-stop Laughter. We understand that children can be frightened and a bit shy at first.

As soon as the little ones start to gain their confidence, they are ready for the action-packed excitement to really get started, making sure that that the children will be engaged and entertained throughout the day with Children’s Party Entertainer.

Kids Birthday Party Entertainer Dozy Dave

5-6 Year Old Parties

An action-packed show that will captivate children from start to finish. Birthday party magician Dozy Dave will have them rolling with laughter as they witness mind-boggling tricks and become a part of the Children’s Magic Show themselves.

Our Children’s Party Entertainer create a perfect blend of magic, games, and party dances. Ultimately, we guarantee to create unforgettable memories for all!

Dozy Dave, Children's Entertainer, Magician and Clown

7 – 11 Year Old Parties

Incredible Kids Entertainer for kids aged 7-11! First, get ready for a Children’s Magic Show filled with exciting games, energizing music, and mind-blowing magic.

Our one-of-a-kind Balloon Motorbikes make for exciting prizes. Moreover, for the perfect blend of fun, Birthday Party Magician and Children’s Party Entertainers Dozy Dave will compete boys and girls against each other, keeping the older boys engaged and excited.

Dozy Dave Entertainment for People with additional needs

Entertainment Suitable for Children & Adults with Special Requirements

The magic we conjure isn’t confined to the tricks we perform. Our biggest magic is the smiles we bring to these children’s faces. Their comfort and enjoyment are our paramount priorities. We take special care in adapting the show to meet their unique needs. This includes creating a show that is stimulating but not overwhelming.

We understand that not all children may be comfortable with direct interaction. So, we adapt accordingly, inviting participation without putting any child on the spot. By doing this, we ensure that every child feels included and comfortable throughout the performance.

In addition, we are honoured to have collaborated with esteemed establishments like Barnardos, Hillside Specialist School, and the Merseyside Society For The Deaf.

Entertainment for People with additional needs

Children's Entertainment Midweek Parties

Break away from the ordinary weekly grind and step into the captivating world of enchantment with children’s birthday party magician, Dozy Dave’s bespoke evening events.

Gift your little one the ultimate magical experience and create lasting memories with an engaging Magic Show tailor-made for children. Just imagine the sheer excitement among the young ones, all eagerly awaiting the evening’s enthralling spectacle.

Thrust them into the glorious spotlight, mimicking your captivating presence at work or across social media channels. Your child is exceptional and deserves an unrivalled celebration, and we’re devoted to bringing your parenting aspirations to life with a touch of magic. So why wait? Book your Children’s Party Entertainer today!

Birthday Party MagicianBirthday Party Magician

Meet Dozy Dave, your top-notch children’s party entertainer!

Delivering a dynamic and modern magic show, Dozy Dave promises a spellbinding, action-packed experience, perfectly tailored for children across all age groups.

But, don’t just rely on our assertions. Click HERE to read an array of sparkling reviews from thrilled customers all set to engage our services once more.


Rest easy knowing that Dozy Dave Children’s Magic Show is not only highly professional Children’s Party Entertainer but also responsibly insured. An Enhanced DBS Certificate holder, and also has impressive insurance coverage of up to £10,000,000 through Equity.

Get ready to experience a world of enchantment and excitement of the best hildren’s Party Entertainers around. Don’t delay — book birthday party magician Dozy Dave, your kids’ favourite entertainer, today!

Birthday Party Magican

Birthday Party Entertainers

Birthday Party Entertainers

Read some of our customers reviews and see how the adults enjoyed our shows, just as much as the children did. Great family entertainment from the ultimate Children’s Party Entertainer. Dozy Dave

Birthday Party Magician

Unforgettable Birthday Party Magician

Dozy Dave stands out as a top choice for children’s entertainment, aptly merging magic with fun at a multitude of events. Ranging from birthday parties to school functions, Christenings, weddings, carnivals, fetes, and Christmas celebrations, his expertise as a Children’s Party Entertainer transcends the ordinary, ensuring an unmatched experience for children.

Memoirable Children’s Party Entertainers

Exquisite tricks, interactive games, and playful dances are cornerstones of Dozy Dave’s children’s entertainment, making him the ultimate birthday party magician who guarantees an astounding experience for children of all ages. When it comes to gobsmacking magic, Dozy Dave raises the bar every time.

Not only is Dozy Dave enchantingly entertaining, he is also entirely certifiable. With an enhanced DBS Certificate and Public Liability insurance in place, you can enjoy the festivities knowing your child’s special day is in safe hands. With Dozy Dave leading the entertainment, your child is sure to bask in the limelight, encapsulated in a world of wonder.

Children's Party Planning

Organising a children’s party can often be a tall order. However, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that seasoned Children’s Party Entertainers like Dozy Dave, the No1 Birthday party magician, have it all under control. 

As a trusted Kid’s Entertainer with a wealth of experience under our belts and countless parties attended yearly, we’ve acquired priceless knowledge of the best party hacks. Allow us to take the reins of your children’s celebration, promising you a stress-free and memorable event. 

Interested in discovering our TOP TIPS for a hassle-free party? Click below!